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Medical treatment

  It is the relationship between television viewing and diet in children ages 2 to 6. the relationship between television time viewing time and adverse dietary out comes.Before the era of Laparoscopic surgical treatment of morbid obesity, medical treatment was the only option. Most of the available medicines till date have been either banned or a not effective. These medicines had serious side effects. The world is still waiting for the ‘Magic pill’ that could really help obese and morbidly obese patient.  



Surgical Treatment

Laparoscopic surgical management offers various surgical procedures that help morbidly. Obese patient reduce weight and not only achieve weight loss but also reversal or better control. Over obesity related medical diseases like Diabetes, hypertension, Sleep apnoea, osteoarthritis, Infertility etc. The most recent advances and innovations in Laparoscopic surgery have been extraordinary. This has made Bariatric surgery the most effect form of treatment in morbid obese patients in. Reversing obesity and maintaining it.