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From the CEO’s Desk:

 “Looking Obese is just the tip of an iceberg”


Obesity is a curse of civilization  Severe obesity (earlier called morbid obesity) and obesity related diseases (ORD) affect more than 10 million Americans. This is a growing problem in India as well affecting about 5% of population. With advancement in science, doctors and surgeons worldwide are able to understand the grievous implications of Obesity and its impact on our vital organs causing diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart- attacks, breathing problems, osteoarthritis, infertility and even certain cancers. Visible obesity is only the tip of the iceberg in obesity related diseases.


  Obesity needs to be addressed with greater concern. People who are overweight or obese can be managed with diet, exercise and sometimes may require medical treatment by physician. However it is seen that in certain individuals who are severely obese (based on BMI), the response to medical treatments are not sustained or satisfactory. These individuals invariably require surgical treatment to manage their  obesity and ORD. Bariatric surgery has shown 60 -70 % improvement is excess weight loss accompanied by improvement in type II diabetes mellitus, hypertension, sleep apnoea and dyslipidemia.

Bariatric surgery significantly reduces risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus, sleep apnoea syndrome, osteoarthritis, infertility and cancer. The magnitude of effect of bariatric surgery on these risk factors is impressive, and to date no medicinal therapy or other means of treating obesity has shown comparable effect in managing obesity. Bariatric surgery for obesity management has elevated beyond the realms of cosmetic procedure and into a spectrum of interventions demonstrating efficacy in preventing deaths from obesity related diseases. Gastric bypass has shown improvement in 2/3 rd patients suffering from hypertension and dyslipidemia and 3/4 th obese patients showing improvement in diabetes.

We are a holistic care team involved with complete options for morbid obesity and ORD management. Our experienced physicians would evaluate and manage patients who will benefit with medical form of treatment.  We also have a dedicated team of dietician, physiotherapist, anaesthesiologist, physicians and nursing care staff. Our fine surgeons offer surgical options which would cater to individual needs backed with state of the art technology including laparoscopic and robotic assisted surgical procedures.

Our main goal is to allow our patients to be able to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle, feel better physically and mentally. The much improved looks are only complimentary.