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Obesity - Can be Cured

The basic way to deal with obesity is to engage in an active lifestyle with lots of exercise and proper diets. One should eat less, move more as well as laugh at every occasion.

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Obesity is a curse of civilisation. Morbid obesity and obesity related diseases (ORD) affect more than  10 million Americans. 


This is a growing problem in India as well, With advancement in science, doctors and surgeons worldwide...

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What causes obesity?

Obesity is a health condition which develops due to an accumulation of excess body fat. Though it can be caused by genetic factors, it’s most likely to be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Because we lead more sedentary lifestyles today...

How do I know if I’m obese?

Most doctors will decide whether you require obesity treatment by using the BMI scale. BMI stands for Body Mass Index; it compares your height with your weight to assess whether you have a healthy overall body weight.

What problems does obesity cause?

Obesity causes a wide range of health problems, some of which are minor, but many of which are very serious. Some of the physical problems you can experience include....

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